MPH student Kalpita Patel, right, and classmates teleconference with Andrew Solomon (’12). Photo courtesy of BUSPH.

In the Classroom: Students Consult on Promoting Telehealth

On a recent afternoon, a team of communications consultants held a quick video conference with their client, Maine-based Northeast Telehealth Resource Center (NETRC). The consultants are students in the course Communication Strategies for Public Health: MPH students Deana Barakat, Maria Cerda, Kalpita Patel, Meaghan Wostbrock, and dental public health doctoral student Alaa Qari. Their contact at NETRC? Alumnus Andrew Solomon (’12).

Solomon has been so happy with the team’s work that he has invited them to lead a national webinar on April 27, sharing how to encourage the use of technologies like video conferencing in health care.

In the classroom, students self-select into teams working with different clients on real issues, and provide real deliverables, says Jacey Greece, clinical assistant professor of community health sciences, who teaches Communication Strategies. “The structure of this class has huge benefits to students, collaborating agencies, faculty, and the School,” Greece says. “It strengthens networks and allows for an enhanced level of learning and application not typically achieved in traditional courses.”

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