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Our mission is to solve pressing public health challenges and advance the field of public health by:

  1. Establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships between professionals within partner organizations and BUSPH students and faculty,
  2. Providing partner organizations with high-quality deliverables tailored to fit their priorities and client base, and
  3. Engaging students in current public health problems and preparing them for leadership within the field.

Operating within BUSPH, we pioneer new approaches to solving pressing public health challenges. We bring together three important public health stakeholder groups—Partner Organizations, BUSPH Student Leaders, and BUSPH Faculty—to create relevant, evidence-based solutions to pressing challenges.


Examples of recent deliverables tailored to meet the needs of partner organizations:

  • Design and execution of mobile applications to improve health outcomes
  • Public health program design and implementation
  • Health care strategy management
  • Evidence-based public health interventions
  • Strategic communication plans, websites, and collateral
  • Comprehensive plans for program adoption, implementation, and sustainability
  • Infographics to explain complex public health challenges
  • Intervention plans
  • Funding proposals

We work to create a win-win-win for students, faculty, and partner organizations, while enabling BUSPH to actively contribute to the field of public health through development of innovative, evidence-based, and practical solutions to pressing public health problems around the world.

  • Students gain practical experience, enhancing their skill set and employment potential.
  • Faculty expand their network of practice and research collaborations.
  • Partner organizations gain access to timely, high-quality, innovative deliverables, and exposure to current digital tools and approaches.

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Collaborate.Health By The Numbers


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Number of mobile applications built for partner organizations


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Number of program management deliverables prepared for clients


Number of strategic communication plans developed

"As first-time student consultants, we could not have asked for a better client than HAV. It was a joy working with HAV; they were tremendous collaborative partners who demonstrated patience and trust in the client-consultant process. Any technical difficulties that arose were all part of the experience and made for better, more practical learning. Our team appreciated HAV’s willingness to share numerous details about their current processes and areas in which they would like to see improvement."

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