We’re pioneering new approaches to solving pressing local and global public health challenges.

Through robust classroom partnerships with organizations around the world, we activate world-class students and faculty from the Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) to create innovative, actionable, evidence-based, public health solutions.

Let’s solve health, together.

Wherever you are—from our backyard in Boston, to communities all around the world—we’re ready to partner.

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Collaborate.Health: A catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and positive disruption in public health.

We bring together three important groups—each with unique perspectives, skills, technical knowledge, and needs—to create relevant, evidence-based solutions to public health challenges: Partner Organizations, BUSPH Students and Alumnae/i, BUSPH Faculty. When these groups come together in the classroom, we see new solutions appear, outdated paradigms and models fall away, and technology and cutting-edge research quickly being put into practice.

Our students are our greatest asset.

BUSPH students are accomplished and influential people in the field of public health. We activate and deploy their remarkable talents and experience to solve pressing, real-world public-health challenges.


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