Each semester, we look to match our students and faculty with partner organizations that are working to address specific public health challenges. Below is a list of the upcoming opportunities.

SPH GH 744
Program Design for Global Health

May 18–31 2019

Developing a structured approach to program design is an important skill for public health professionals. GH 744 pairs student-consulting teams with international non-governmental or governmental organizations to design a public health program. Working with their client partner students develop a program for the organization and identify prospective donors for funding.

SPH GH 743
Program Implementation for Global Health

Sep–Dec 2019

Public health professionals working in low and middle-income countries face important implementation challenges. In GH 743 student consulting teams work with a client organization to conduct systems analyses, undertake problem-solving exercises, and propose solutions to current implementation challenges in human resource management, quality improvement, information management, supply chain management and financial management.

SPH SB 806
Communications Strategies for Public Health

Sep–Dec 2019

In SB 806 student consulting teams work with public health organizations responsible for community-based interventions to develop and execute a planned communications strategy for the organization. Consulting teams prepare a needs assessment, an intervention plan, a communications plan to support the intervention, and media executions to implement the communications plan, including a pitch letter, press release, commentary/editorial, letter to the editor, press event outline, social media plan, an infographic, and other communication pieces as appropriate.

SPH PM 832
SPH MC 820
Managing Public Health Programs and Projects

Sep–Dec 2019

Students in PM 832 and MC 820 develop a complete programmatic management plan that includes development of a logic model, monitoring and evaluation plan, strategies for engaging relevant stakeholders, design of program outreach materials, and development of a program budget.

SPH MC 802
Implementing Community Health Initiatives: A Field-based Course in Leadership and Consultation

Sep–Dec 2019

In MC 802 students work in teams to define and address a specific challenge with partners in a community health center or organization. Student consulting teams apply tools to define a challenge, scan the environment, investigate evidence, define interests of key stakeholders, map organizational processes, align and mobilize constituents, synthesize findings, and communicate findings and recommendations to the client organization in a polished presentation and consultant report.

PM 832
Operations Management in Health Care

Sep–Dec 2019

Students in PM 832 work with an industry-based partner on projects that apply operations management principles to create effective operational processes, mitigate risks, and improve quality.

SPH GH 804
Using Mobile Technologies to Improve Health Outcomes

Jan–May 2020

Located at the nexus of technology, informatics and public health, digital health has emerged to become an important component of many public health programs. In GH 804, a student application-development team will work with their client to design and develop a mobile application.

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