Making Learning Visible

One of the upsides of the pandemic and the pivot to remote teaching was the expanding use of video in the classroom. In Using Mobile Technology to Improve Health Outcomes, GH 806, the teaching team of Jon Payne, James Wolff, and Justin Maly added a new video assignment intended to showcase client projects. 

The video assignment tasked the student-consulting teams to create a video that would show the context and need for their mobile application and provide a quick look at how the application worked.  

We recently presented some of these videos from the class at an All Hands Dimagi Conference and there was interest in seeing more of these videos, so we’ve created this short article on Insight with information about the authors, organization, and links to the videos. 

Here are the videos showcasing the 2022 mobile applications: 

Island Health Care, Clients Alex Babaian and Lila Fisher, App Development Team, Eilisha Mandanhar, Ashley Trickett, Caroline Eason, Laura Housman, Hannah Henrikson

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, Client Rachel Bonawitz MS, MD, App Development Team, Annabelle Carter, Kala Jennissen, Samantha Sanpietro, Ayushi Shrivastava 

Our Sister’s Opportunity, Client, Delphine, Uwamahoro, App Development Team, Lydia Cunningham, Gladys Obenewa, Katrina Barry, Iyssa Otto, & Adam Majeski

Queensland Children’s Hospital, Client Alphonso Nelson, App Development Team, Alaina Tabani, Alana Wong-Martinusen, Ally Cogan and Shannon Linsey

The Childhood Education International, Client Dianna Woolsley, App Development Team, Layan Sherif, Leah Levine, Tyler Donovan and Val Castrillon