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Improving Supply Chain Management in Uganda

Developing a series of recommendations to improve supply chain management.

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Improving supply management in the Nama Wellness Community Center (NAWEC)’s new youth corner. Involved development of a consulting report with a series of recommendations to determine the types and costs of needed supplies and for improving efficiency of supply chain management.


NAWEC  operates in Uganda which has the youngest population in the world. As such, there is a need for youth-oriented health services and NAWEC is now planning a “Youth Corner,” staffed by a counseling professional, stocked with health supplies (e.g. condoms, STI tests and treatment, etc.), offering a range of health promotion materials (e.g. pamphlets on gender-based violence) and providing a comprehensive package of services including counseling, education, and referrals on gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, pregnancy, and post-abortion care, among others.


The “youth corner” will be a standalone component of the health centre, with its own staff and supplies. As this is a new venture NAWEC needs to identify the types of supplies that should be stocked and the cost for providing this new service.


To create a standalone clinic to address the health needs of youth in the community, NAWEC needs to review the existing system for managing supplies at the clinic and create new processes and procedures managing supplies for the Youth Corner.


A comprehensive report to support delivery of youth friendly services in its new youth corner that included: 1) a list of recommended supplies based on the activities that NAWEC plans to offer at the Youth Corner; 2) a series of recommendations for processes and management improvement to reduce stock outs and reduce the time it takes for order forms to be internally approved.

Project Timeline

This project took seven months to complete from kick-off meeting to presentation of final deliverables. Click the button below for a detailed timeline.

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