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Improving Financial Management in Ghana

Building financial management capacity for GAMSHeR to serve key populations for HIV prevention and treatment.

Agency Partner
Program Implementation for Global Health
Carsten ten Brink
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Build financial management capacity at GAMSHeR so that they can receive donor funds to support services for key populations for HIV prevention and treatment.


The Global Fund (GF) and PEPFAR provide the majority of funding for MSM-related work in Ghana. In the upcoming years, while governments progress towards achieving absolute country ownership of their HIV programs, both institutions will presumably begin the process of lessening the amount of financial support given. In light of this change, country programs must be able to mobilize additional resources for sustainability of current systems. As the funding envelope shrinks for programs, organizations will need to ensure and guarantee value for money and accountability to current and future donors.


GAMSHeR is developing as an umbrella organization and coordinating authority to provide oversight to CSOs and CBOs in Ghana. GAMSHeR aims to position itself as the Primary Recipient (PR) of funds provided to the government for MSM-related activities in the country. GAMSHeR will serve as the mechanism for appropriation and distribution of these funds to CSOs and CBOs with qualifying proposals that have been rigorously reviewed and meet awards criterion requirements.


Provide best practices needed for GAMSHeR to become an effective primary recipient of funds for MSM-related activities in Ghana.


This consulting assignment provided a template for concept note development, guidelines to establish awards criteria and systematic review panel, including an indicators matrix, a discussion of potential areas of conflict of interest GAMSHeR may encounter and suggestions for resolving any potential conflicts, and recommendations for resource mobilization opportunities that GAMSHeR could incorporate into a sustainability plan.

Project Timeline

This project took seven months to complete from kick-off meeting to presentation of final deliverables. Click the button below for a detailed timeline.

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